I love these guys
Khushi - Magpie


Youth by Daughter (LIVE)

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more impressed by Daughter, I realize they are just as amazing live as they are on their album

A collection of late night tunes to compliment your sins - Foolish Habits


Marika Hackman - Bath Is Black

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MisterWives - Coffins

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Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, the bass is coming for ya.
The Peach Kings - Mojo Thunder

Irony is living in a world where a majority of people feel a need to believe in something, yet rarely feel secure believing in themselves. Take heed, the lyrics below represent the only mantra you need to be the best you. Go live it!!

- Don’t pray for us, we don’t need no modern Jesus to roll with us
- The only rule we need is never, giving up
- The only faith we have, is faith in us

My favorite song of 2013 so far!!!

Take me out of here…..
ON AN ON - Every Song